Saturday 10 January 2015

Be sure you know exactly what the package includes before you sign the contract.

I frequently get asked why our packages are less expensive than many other photographers. The main reason is that we don't include albums or enlargements with our packages. We were finding that many of our customers don't want albums or enlargements and, many of those who do want them would prefer to create them themselves.

I've seen many packages with "all day" or "full day" coverage. I would ask exactly how many hours of coverage the package includes and be sure it is written clearly into the contract.

Also, I have seen other vague terms such as "up to 8 hours" of coverage. If you are paying for 8 hours you should get 8 hours, nothing less.  

Another equally vague term is coverage from "getting ready to reception". Does "getting ready" mean at the salon or where the guys/girls are getting dressed? Does "reception' mean a portion of the reception or the entire reception?

Many packages will include 2 photographers. Be sure to ask if that means 2 experienced photographers or 1 experienced photographer and a student. It makes a big difference.

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