Saturday 11 January 2014

Ask what it means when the photographer says they will edit your photos.

No retouching or special effects
were required for this shot.
The term ‘editing’ covers a broad spectrum of changes that can be made to a photo, some are very simple while others are very complex.

Many photographers will say they will edit a certain number of photos or even all your photos. You need to ask what they mean by ‘editing’. Are they referring to adjusting brightness, colour and contrast or, do they mean facial retouching?

Also, some photographers will apply Photoshop special effects to compensate for their lack of photography skills and will call this 'editing'.

My preference is to use advanced photography techniques, rather than Photoshop special effects, to create dramatic photos.

A well shot photo requires little or no editing.

I look at every photo and, where necessary, adjust colour balance, brightness and contrast. I also do facial retouching on key photos when requested.

Paul Potter

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